A Guide to NFT and Crypto Twitter

Published Dec 9, 2021

A Guide to NFT and Crypto Twitter
NFT and crypto twitter can be a very confusing place, filled with frens, HODLs and gns, so we decided to create a dictionary of sorts. Consider it your brief guide to the online community. WAGMI.


This one was born from a typo in an early bitcoin forum, where a user misspelled ‘hold’. Users thought it was an acronym for “Hold On for Dear Life’, and it just stuck. Now used in the sense of “holding” your assets (NFTs or crypto).

2) GM/GN

It’s nice to greet people with a “good morning” or bid them a “good night”, but it’s so much quicker to just say gm or gn right?

3) Fren

Fren means “friend”, short but sweet. What a friendly and character efficient community we are.


“We All Gonna Make It”/ “Not Going To Make It”. Used when feeling particularly optimistic, or indeed the opposite in the case of NGMI. Chin up fren.


This one simply means “Do your own research”. Example: “Christian Dior? Christian, DYOR”.

6) Meatspace

Another term for “in real life” (IRL). That boring place where the laws of physics apply.

7) Probably Nothing

Translation: “probably something”. A backhanded way of letting the community know you think you’ve struck gold.

8) Ser

Ser means “sir”. Again, as a polite and friendly community, we like to address each other in a respectful manner.

9) PFP

PFP means “profile picture”. A type of NFT that has grown in popularity, typically seen as Twitter and Discord display pictures. Some that may be familiar to you are the CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

10) Wen Moon

More from crypto twitter, this one refers to the price of your NFT skyrocketing (to the moon) due to crypto prices’ upward momentum.

The list really does go on, but for now, master these and we can always do a part 2. Now back to meatspace I go.

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