How to Earn on Hyprr

Published Feb 7, 2022

How to Earn on Hyprr
Fair treatment of creators is something that Web2 has not succeeded in addressing, which is why Hyprr, built upon Web3 principles, is here to change that. Hyprr is a platform that has creators at the heart of everything we do, and so it would only seem right that we neatly sum up all the ways that you can earn on Hyprr for your content, and quite right too.

Before we get into it, it’s important to note that all forms of monetary transactions that occur on Hyprr take place in Hypes, our own stable coin where 1 Hype = 1 USD. Hypes can then be cashed out from your wallet into a chosen currency. In order to buy Hypes you need to have set up a wallet, which we have a handy video on how to do here.

1) NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens. The digital assets taking the world by storm and a great way to monetise on Hyprr. Not exactly sure what NFTs are? Not to fret, we have a blog post for that. OK so now we’re all on the same page about what NFTs are, we currently are invite-only for creators to mint on Hyprr. This is a great way of ensuring there’s no fraudulent or scam collections, of which OpenSea by their own admission, has a large problem with. Once you’ve minted on Hyprr, you’ll be able to benefit from sales in both the primary and secondary markets via future royalties. Think of it as a perpetual source of income, for as long as your NFT continues to be resold.

For owners of NFTs on Hyprr, firstly welcome to the community. Secondly, should you wish, you can make use of our resale feature to sell your owned piece for a profit. Unsure how to use resale? We read your mind, and already wrote a post about it here. Also if you’re not sure why you’d want to own an NFT in the first place, give this a read. Shameless self promo, if you’ve got it flaunt it right?

2) Tips

Tipping is a great way to show your direct support and appreciation for content, and can be very simply cashed out by the creator receiving said tips. Tips can be received on HypeTV & regular posts and are a great way to have an indication of the kind of content that is popular with supporters of your work.

3) Premium Content

You can also choose to place your content behind a paywall that your followers can unlock by paying the set amount in Hypes. You can choose to have regular posts and HypeTV posts as premium content, accessible only to those that have paid a price set by you, the creator. Some great examples of premium content could be workshops, exclusive behind the scenes clips or maybe hints towards your next NFT drop, NFTeasers if you will. You have the option to upload a preview image or video with your premium content, with the rest of it only becoming viewable once the Hype price is paid.

4) Live Stream Donations

Live stream donations are the 4th way to earn on Hyprr. Although this could be considered tipping, there’s a difference in that the live stream, available currently on desktop, allows you to send donations in real time. You can choose to have an exclusive event for fans or perhaps a charity fundraiser, while watching the tips pop up on the screen as you go.

Top secret: What’s to come

Don’t tell anyone I told you this but split royalty contracts are coming very soon. This will mean you can collaborate with another creator on an NFT collection and have the royalties automatically divided between you (in whichever ratio you’ve decided), and the same goes for a partnership with a charity. It will add a whole new level of transparency to the process of sharing earnings from a piece. Also coming soon is mobile streaming with the ability to tip, so you’ll be able to stream and receive tips on the go wherever you may be. But you didn’t hear that from me.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates and NFTeasers of some exciting collections happening in February.

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