What fees do Hyprr charge?

Hyprr charges the following fees for transactions you make using Hypes from your wallet:

  • Tips, donations and premium content sales incur a 20% fee. The content creator will incur these fees at the point of sale.
  • The sale an NFT incurs a fee of 2.5% which is incurred by the NFT Creator.
  • Hyprr charges a flat minting fee of 2 Hypes.

What other fees may I incur?

The purchasing of Hypes for your wallet, involves the use of a third party payment processor. These payment processors set their own fees which vary depending on how you choose to add Hypes to your wallet.

  • Purchasing Hypes on a web browser using Stripe is the most cost-effective way to add Hypes to your wallet. Stripe charges a flat rate of 30c per transaction plus a 2.9% fee.
  • If you are purchasing Hypes using an iOS device then you will incur fees set by Apple Pay.
  • If you are purchasing Hypes using an Android device then you will incur fees set by Google Pay.
  • Cashing out Hypes from your wallet incurs a fee of 4%. Fees are charged by the payment provider. Hyprr does not chanrge any fees for processing cash out.

Please note that your bank may also charge you transaction fees or conversion fees if your bank account uses a different currency. These fees are set by your bank.

What are Royalty Fees?

When a creator mints an original NFT, they can choose to set a royalty fee which they will receive on the future resale of their work. This fee may be up to 35% of the future resale value and will be stated at the point of purchasing an NFT. If you choose to resell an NFT which you have previously purchased, you may therefore incur a royalty fee which will be paid to the original creator.