Home Page

When you open the Hyprr app you will automatically land on the Home page. Your Home page is where you will find all the Hyprr users and creators you follow. The creators and users with the most recent content will be featured at the top of the page, with their content displayed below in the Grid. Scroll the Icons at the top of the screen to see Posts, HypeTV, Live and NFTs from your followed creators.

What is Discover

The Discover section is where you can explore new content from creators and users you may not already follow. In our Discover section you can view trending Posts, our Top Creators or just "Explore" from a selection of newly posted content. The Discover icon is located along the bottom menu.

You can choose the type on content you wish to discover:

  • Posts - Images and short-form videos.
  • HypeTV - For live streams and long videos.
  • Live - For current and upcoming Live streams.
  • NFT - For all the latest drops in our NFT space.

Discover is cultivated content, it is based on your selected interests and account search activity.

Uploading content: Posting, images and short clips

To create a new post press the "+" button located in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Choose the content type from the list: Post, HypeTV and Stream

Uploading Posts

  • When using your phone you have the option to take a photo, video directly from the app or you can take something from your phone's storage in the same way you can with a desktop.
  • From here you have the option to upload and edit a photo or short clip. You can add multiple photos or clips in one post, just remember the maximum limit is 10 files, up to 10MB per file.
  • Next you can add a caption and location for your post.
  • Once you have set up your wallet, you can also opt to receive tips for your content or make your content Premium to earn Hypes. For more information on creating a wallet click here.
  • Select "Publish" to submit your post.

Uploading HypeTV

Long form content may only be published form the Web version.

How do I send a direct message?

You can send direct messages to another user to have a private chat with them. There are two ways to message when using either a phone or a desktop:

Via the user's profile

  • Once you are on the profile page of the person you wish to message, you can select the arrow button next to "Follow" to begin chatting.

Via Messages

  • Select the "Messages" arrow icon along the bottom row on your screen.
  • Select the pencil icon in the top right corner.
  • Find the profile of the user who you wish to message using either the @username or display name.
  • Select the user's profile and begin chatting.

What do the badges on Hyprr user accounts mean?

Some Hyprr users will have a badge which verifies the type of Hyprr account that they have:

  • The Founders badge is given to our founding community and early adopters.
  • The Verified badge is for our partners, celebrities and top tier creators. Verification of accounts may be subject to KYC checks.
  • The Charity badge is assigned to all validated and vetted charitable organizations. All users and creators can donate their tips, premium content earnings and NFT royalties and sale profits with these charitable organizations - just look for the charity badge.