What is Hyprr?

Hyprr is a social and NFT platform, designed to empower creators and bring them closer to fans and a community of new followers. Creators can earn more for their content, establishing genuine connections with fans, on a platform that is conscious about its environmental impact.

How is Hyprr Unique?

Hyprr Platform is built on Proof of Stake (PoS) Blockchain technology. We are a decentralized platform, there is no central authority controlling or owning your data. We are both a Social and NFT Platform. Hyprr allows all creators and users to be able to post and purchase Premium Content, and earn tips instead of likes for the content created. The ability to monetize is in YOUR control.

What is a Blockchain?

Blockchains are a type of technology which provides a decentralised ledger for tracking data.The data stored on a Blockchain is permanent and immutable which provides maximum security and data protection for our users. It also provides a secure means for contract exchanges and an unalterable ledger of sales which means Hyprr users are also able to trade in digital artwork (NFTs) on the Hyprr Platform. NFTs are one type of data that can be tracked, stored, and moved between users with the power of blockchains. Find out more about NFTs here.

What Blockchain is Hyprr built on?

Hyprr is built on our own Howdoo blockchain which uses the Cosmos blockchain protocol. Cosmos Blockchain is validated by proof of stake and has a 99% lower carbon footprint than those which use proof of work (such as Bitcoin).

What is a seed phrase and why is it important?

In a Blockchain you own your data and you are the gatekeeper. No one but YOU has access to your data and currency, there is no person or system managing Blockchain transactions. This is why seed phrases are so important to the security of your wallet, it is for you and you alone. No system or system operator can retrieve that data for you.