Angel Alliance: Transforming Opportunities for Female Entrepreneurs

Published Mar 23, 2022

Angel Alliance: Transforming Opportunities for Female Entrepreneurs
In celebration of International Women’s Day and the launch of our very own Trailblazers initiative, aiming to empower and support female creators worldwide, we were lucky enough to chat to Maddy Bergen, CEO and Co-Founder of Angel Alliance, an NFT community celebrating female entrepreneurs, on her incredible work.

Angel Alliance is a community-driven NFT project founded by Maddy Bergen and Bruno Delvaux with a mission to empower women with the skills and funding they need to grow, through a variety of innovative ways. We caught up with CEO and Co-founder Maddy Bergen, to find out a bit about her start in Web3 and how Angel Alliance, with a sentiment akin to Trailblazers, aims to help women thrive in their ventures through upskilling and funding as well as exclusive tools provided to female founders.

Congratulations on your launch, Maddy! We love your vision for Angel Alliance. Can you tell us about your background? How did you get into NFTs?

Thank you so much! Yes, Angel Alliance’s mission is very close to my heart and I’m so happy to hear that you love it as well!

As for my background, I started my first business at 18 years old – it was a personal training business. At the time, I was entirely new to the world of entrepreneurship, so I immersed myself by learning everything I could, and managed to build the business up to a successful level. Following the launch of my fitness business, I began working as a VC Analyst and in a Start-Up Incubator. As for getting into NFTs, I began my journey into Web3 last summer when I kept seeing Web3 and crypto start-ups popping up. As soon as I joined the community, I was incredibly surprised by the support and realized the potential for a mission-driven community that connects female entrepreneurs in the space, I knew I wanted to jump in and try my best to make a difference.

Your background as a VC Analyst and leader in Operations is so perfect for this initiative. Can you tell us about founding the project and the inspiration behind building the collection?

Absolutely! Once I began working as a VC Analyst and in the Start-Up Incubator, I began to experience the other side of the coin. I’ve interviewed countless founders and very, very rarely did I interview women. It was then that I began to understand just how big the gap is between male and female entrepreneurs’ ability to obtain funding from investors. I decided that I wanted to try to make a difference by helping the countless women in the world that want to turn their passions into their careers through their start-ups. What better way to do that than to provide women from all walks of life with education, empowerment, and funding? Once that thought came to mind, I knew that Angel Alliance was the answer.

Angel Alliance’s mission is to help empower women with the skills and funding they need to grow, in such an innovative way. Can you explain what Angel Alliance is doing to provide this to female entrepreneurs?

Of course! All of our NFT holders will have access to exclusive networking events, educational workshops, a like-minded and supportive community, business grant opportunities, regular business advice and guidance, and both IRL and virtual events. As for the grants, our entire community of Angel Alliance NFT holders will have voting rights within our DAO. Our AngelDAO Council will be comprised of some of our earliest supporters that the community has elected to hold the position. Female entrepreneurs across the globe, both in Web3 and outside of it, will have the opportunity to pitch their start-up to our council. The council will filter the initial applications provided and then pass them on to the AngelDAO. Once reviewed, the community will get to vote on whether the start-up will receive a grant directly from Angel Alliance! To ensure that as many people can obtain funding as possible, we’ll be actively connecting our entrepreneurial community with active investors too!

The focus on STEM-related careers and encouraging women to join the field of technology is very important. It’s shocking only 37% of start-ups have women on their teams. How are you working to get more women into tech and web3?

First and foremost, we are working diligently to onboard as many people as we can into Web3! We’ve published articles, held Twitter Spaces, recorded podcasts, uploaded training videos to YouTube, created discord channels specific to the world of crypto, and tapped into our networks to ensure that we reach as many people as possible. Remaining focused on education and empowerment in bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 is amongst our highest priorities. We’ve also partnered with Web2 companies and VCs to assist them in the processes of entering the metaverse and navigating the newest wave of technology that is Web3.

Hyprr recently launched an initiative, ‘Trailblazers’, to celebrate women who are transformational change-makers, aligning with the spirit and mission of Angel Alliance. Does success for Angel Alliance include ensuring more female trailblazers have the support and resources needed to drive innovation and positive impact?

I couldn’t have said it better myself! Yes, ensuring that more female trailblazers have the support and resources they need to drive their growth is a big aspect of our mission! At Angel Alliance, we view success in terms of our ability to positively impact the lives of others in their entrepreneurial journeys, their loved ones, and all the incredible people out there that still haven’t discovered the support they need and deserve. We love what you’ve done with Trailblazers and feel so thankful to have connected with you all on your mission to empower change-makers!

Check out Angel Alliance on Discord, Twitter and their website for more information on the incredible resources and education they will be providing to women worldwide.

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