Creator Interview: Isaac Iirumva

Published Feb 21, 2022

Creator Interview: Isaac Iirumva
Isaac Iirumva is a Rwandan contemporary artist, defining his art as 21st century contemporary influenced by global culture and technological advancement. In the wake of his debut NFT collection ‘ITWEKA’ dropping on Hyprr, we were able to catch up with Isaac to find out a bit more about his inspirations and motivations as an artist.
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Isaac Iirumva’s NFT collection, ITWEKA, is a series of 9 artworks ladened with geometric shapes and bright natural colours, promoting cultural diversity and playing a key role in how individuals share their values and cultures. The Rwandan contemporary artist derived the collection’s name from ‘umutweka’, one of the many traditional decorative patterns which almost disappeared following the turmoil of the genocide. As a cultural resurgence takes over the country 25 years later, the art form is making a strong comeback and we are delighted to have Hyprr as a platform for Isaac to share and promote cultural understanding.

When did you know you wanted to become an artist and what made you choose that path?

I don’t remember when I knew I wanted to become an artist because I remember drawing at a very young age, but professionally I started in 2015. I chose to become an artist because it was the only thing that helped me to connect to my sense of identity, and gave me freedom of thought.

What impact do you aim to achieve with your work?

I wish to see my work have an impact on my community, not only as an artist but also on the community that defines me as a person.

What does your artwork represent? Is there something about you that it reflects?

My work represents cultural diversity and modernised Rwandan traditional decorative patterns.

What made you wish to join the NFT space?

I think that the NFT space is a great spotlight for my ideas and an easier way to get them across. I believe it’s the future that our world is heading in.

What was your inspiration for your ITWEKA NFT Collection?

My inspiration for the collection was how people exchange and share culture, because as an artist I think that it’s essential to share cultural knowledge and allow individuals to interact and cooperate effectively. It’s an opportunity to find inspiration in other people’s perspectives and points of view.

How did you create the collection and do you have a particular favourite piece from ITWEKA that you could share with us?

I use lots of different softwares but on ITWEKA I used Assembly. They are all my favourite pieces but the first piece I created (ITWEKA 1) was the one that gave me the inspiration and colour tones for the rest of the collection.

Isaac’s first piece in his NFT collection ITWEKA 1, as seen above, was the source of inspiration for the rest of the collection.Isaac’s first piece in his NFT collection ITWEKA 1, as seen above, was the source of inspiration for the rest of the collection.

Who is your biggest artistic influence?

My biggest influence is Chéri Samba (one of the best known contemporary African artists from the Democratic Republic of Congo).

Check out Isaac’s ITWEKA NFT Collection here, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on all things Hyprr.

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