NFTs in Numbers: A 2021 Recap

What a year it’s been for the non-fungible token (NFT). The biggest year yet, in fact. From starting the year off with trades reaching $100 million to ending the year with numbers reaching over $23 billion, we thought a breakdown of some of the most impressive figures was in order. So here we have the NFT numbers of the year, or NFTNOTY if you will.

Published Dec 31, 2021


How to turn Physical Art into NFTs

The NFT space goes hand in hand with digital artists. They’ve been doing this for years. They can make things look cool on a screen and they do admittedly occupy a large space in the market, for now at least. Digital artist Beeple made a collage of 5000 consecutive days worth of digital art he’d created, and sold it for $69 million. But in this pivotal time for creators, how are ‘traditional’ artists, who work with physical media, able to get involved?

Published Dec 23, 2021


NFTs in the Music Industry

NFTs are reaching all corners of the creative industries, with music being no exception. With production companies and streaming platforms taking such huge cuts of artists’ profits, it’s hardly surprising that bands, DJs and solo artists are turning to the Web 3.0 wonder that is the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) for support.

Published Dec 14, 2021


A Guide to NFT and Crypto Twitter

NFT and crypto twitter can be a very confusing place, filled with frens, HODLs and gns, so we decided to create a dictionary of sorts. Consider it your brief guide to the online community. WAGMI.

Published Dec 9, 2021


What in the Metaverse is Web 3.0?!

Facebook’s rebranded to ‘Meta’, Microsoft’s venturing into mixed and extended reality (ER) applications and Roblox is now valued at over $45 billion but what does all this mean in the context of Web 3.0? You may be asking yourself what even is Web 3.0? What’s the metaverse? And which colour should I choose for my living room walls? I’m going to try and help with the first 3 questions but the last I’m afraid is up to you. Eggshell Grey.

Published Nov 30, 2021