What are Hypes?

Hypes are tokens which acts as unique virtual currency on Hyprr. 1 Hype is the equivalent to 1 USD and so Hypes act like a USD when making transactions within Hyprr. You can add Hypes to your wallet and use them to tip your favourite creators or pay for premium content. As a creator you can earn Hypes for your own content. Whilst Hypes are not a cryptocurrency, you can convert Hypes into your local currency such as the US Dollar, the Euro or the Pound Sterling using a third party payment processor.

What can you use Hypes for?

Hypes can be used to tip your favourite creator’s posts or to unlock premium content.

What is my wallet?

In order to buy Hypes you need to set up a wallet and add Hypes. Your wallet is linked to your Hyprr account and Hypes will be automatically deducted from your wallet when you tip or pay creators.

How do I create a wallet?

In order to buy Hypes to use on the Hyprr platform, you need to set up a wallet. Make sure you have somewhere to make notes, as during the wallet creation process you will be given a "seed word phrase" consisting of 12 secret words which you will need to remember along with their corresponding number in the sequence. This is an important security feature used in Blockchain technology. You will need this seed phrase to access your wallet on new devices or in case you should ever forget your pin.

  • To begin, select "Profile" on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Select "Wallet"
  • Select "Create Wallet" and "Go to secret word phrase"
  • You will be given 12 random words which are your unique secret word phrase. It is important to save these words somewhere safe alongside their corresponding position in the 12-word chain.
  • Select "Take a seed phrase test" and enter the three words requested from your secret word phrase in the correct order. For example the test may ask for words 4, 7 and 10 from your secret word phrase.
  • Once you have completed the seed phrase test, select "Create a PIN" and choose a four digit pin number for your wallet.

Once your wallet is set up you can add your chosen amount of Hypes to your wallet using a payment processor. For more information on how to buy Hypes please click here.

How do I buy Hypes?

Once you have set up your wallet you can buy Hypes. If you haven't yet set up your wallet then click here. To add money into your account, you first have to access your wallet.

  • Go to your Profile icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select "Wallet" from the drop down list.
  • Select "Buy Hypes" and enter the number of Hypes you wish to purchase. 1 Hype is the equivalent of 1 USD.
  • Select your preferred payment processor - currently we offer Rapid Transfer, Skrill or NETELLER. If you don't already have an account with one of these parties then you will need to create one. To do this go to the site of your chosen payment processor and follow their instructions to set up an account.
  • When purchasing or selling Hypes you will be prompted to verify your email address and account for security purposes. You will receive an email to your registered email address with a link to validate your email.
  • Remember that 1 Hype is equivalent to 1 USD. Please note that the current limit to selling Hypes is 200 Hypes per week or 800 per month. As Hyprr evolves these limits will change.

I forgot my Seed Phrase, How do I retrieve it?

Seed Phrases are not retrievable. Seed phrases are unique to decentralised systems (blockchains). This is your data, it is not stored or managed by any system or person, as such it is not recoverable.

I've forgotten my wallet pin. How do I reset it?

You can reset your pin under "Settings and Privacy" by selecting "Reset wallet PIN". You will need your Hyprr password in order to set up a new pin.

Why should I tip creators?

Tipping is the best way to show support to creators. It tells them what kind of content people like and incentivises them to post more of it.

How do I tip creators?

If a user has invited tips on their post, you will notice a circular tip icon in the top right corner of the post when you are scrolling through Discover. You will only be able to tip once you have set up your wallet. For more on how to set up your wallet click here. Select the content you wish to tip and press the Hyprr tip icon on the post. Select the amount you wish to tip and press "Tip".

How do I pay for content?

Creators will sometimes post premium content that you have to pay Hypes to unlock. Paywalled content will appear blurred so you cannot view it until you have paid the requested Hype price displayed. You will only be able to pay for content once you have set up your wallet. For more on how to set up you wallet click here. When accessing a paid post, press the Hype symbol and follow the instructions to confirm the payment. The relevant number of Hypes will then be deducted from your wallet. If you do not have enough Hypes available in your wallet to make the payment you will need to add Hypes to your wallet. For more information on buying Hypes please click here Remember, any paid content should have a clear and concise description and preferably be from creators you like.

How do I earn Hypes?

Creators have the choice to provide free content, invite tips or to set their own paid access fees to their premium content. You will only be able to receive tips or post paid for content once you have set up your wallet. For more on how to set up your wallet click here. Every time you create a post, you will be given the option to invite tips or to have your content behind a paywall. When setting up a paywall, you decide the amount of Hypes that you want to receive to provide access to your content. We suggest you provide a detailed description and preview of any paywall content to encourage your fans to make the purchase.

Where do I receive Hypes that have been paid to me?

Any Hypes that you have earned will be sent to your wallet. You can use Hypes stored in your wallet to tip and access premium content on Hyprr. Alternatively, you may choose to "cash out" your Hypes in your wallet to convert them into your local currency.

How do I convert Hypes into money?

You can convert Hypes into your local currency by accessing your wallet.

  • Select your profile on the top right of your screen
  • Select "Wallet".
  • Select "Cash Out" and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.